Mi Home Security Camera 360°

Having arrived with mainly smartphones in his luggage, Xiaomi is gradually expanding its range of products available in our regions. The Chinese brand is now launching the Mi Home Security Camera 360°, a surveillance camera that, as its name suggests, can rotate 360° horizontally. Its dual engine, described as silent, also allows it to have a 96° vertical view.

The camera has a 2 megapixel sensor (f/2.1 aperture) for Full HD definition and an 8-bulb 940 nm infrared illuminator for night vision.

The Mi Home Security Camera has a motion detection function that, according to the manufacturer, uses artificial intelligence techniques for greater accuracy.

The product, which can be attached both upside down and upside down, has a microphone and speaker to talk to the person being filmed. The video, which is encoded in H.265/HEVC to take up less space, is stored on an internal microSD card (up to 64 GB) or on a connected storage medium, such as a NAS. There is no storage in the cloud, and Xiaomi ensures that wireless data transfer is encrypted.

As always with the Chinese manufacturer, the price is very affordable. The surveillance camera costs only €39 and there is no subscription. Although some Xiaomi/Aqara products are compatible with HomeKit, the camera is not, the manufacturer told us.

There remains the question of the trust that must be placed in Xiaomi to spy on its interior without sharing this with third parties, as the brand’s smartphones are not examples of privacy. But this question arises for all manufacturers of surveillance cameras. We recently learned that privacy was the least of Ring’s concerns, an American start-up that has been owned by Amazon since last year.

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