Even though the summer heat this year came later than hoped for, allergy sufferers have been moaning since the first early flowering plants opened their flowers. The Dyson Pure Cool Link is designed to provide an intelligent air purification system at least within its own four walls, while at the same time cooling the air. We have tested the Dyson Pure Cool Link.

Dyson Pure Cool Link – more than just a fan

The Dyson Pure Cool Link does not want to be a fan, but an air purifier. According to Dyson, it filters 99.95 percent of all allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns out of the air collected in the activated carbon filter and HEPA filter.

But what makes it really exciting and relevant for Übergizmo is its controllability via app. The app must be downloaded, an account created and connected to the Dyson Cool Pure Link in the WLAN.

The app makes the difference

Now you can set everything on your smartphone that works with the included remote control. This includes dialing one of the ten levels, the rotary movement and a sleep timer. The current setting can be read off the illuminated display on the device. The remote control is stored on a magnetic contact on the Dyson Pure Cool Link.

However, the app offers real added value elsewhere. Among other things, it shows how clean the air in the room is and what the temperature and humidity are. It compares all this with the air quality and the temperature and humidity of your outdoor environment. The Dyson Pure Cool Link receives this data via the server.

Further statistics show how long the air purifier has been working in automatic mode per day and how many hours remain before the filter has to be changed. To increase the lifetime of the filter, it is recommended to create schedules for each day of the week.

Filter causes running costs

Speaking of filters: Dyson states that after 4,300 hours of use, the filter must be replaced with a new one for 59.90 euros. This corresponds to about half a year.

Optically a dream, acoustically a grey one

If you only let the Dyson Pure Cool Link clean the air in automatic mode, it works very quietly and is practically inaudible after a few metres. In ventilation mode, on the other hand, there’s sometimes a lot of noise – really unpleasant at the highest level.

This is probably unavoidable due to the design. This problem is already familiar from other Dyson products such as the Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool (Test). Inside the Pure Cool Link, a comparatively small fan shovels the air through the device until it is expelled through the oval ring on the top.

But this also has advantages. The air purifier takes up less space, looks stylish, is absolutely injury-free to operate and blows the air as if through a duct meter wide through the air.

Happiger price

The Dyson Pure Cool Link costs 579 Euro on Dyson.de. Every six months additionally 59.90 euro become due for a new filter. Pretty steep and probably first and foremost interesting for allergy-prone Dyson fans with enough change. But even if the price is set very high: no other air purifier offers such a chic design.

Who can do without the air filtering and nevertheless the beautiful and space-saving Dyson design with the air ring prefers, becomes with Dyson.de starting from 319 euro fndig.

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