Three smart stoves that will change the way you cook

Our kitchen is full of connected objects. Ovens, fridges, cutlery… Everything goes through it. However, if there is an accessory or choice is limited, it is the smart stove. Essential for cooking a multitude of foods, a little help would not be a refusal. A brief overview of the existing models, their advantages and disadvantages.


Is a smart stove really necessary?

Why choose a smart stove? Your grandmothers and kitchen specialists will tell you that there is no need for help to cook something in a frying pan. The smell, the heat that is released, the reaction to the first drops of oil are all clues for those who know how to read them.

But when you’re not used to cooking, things get complicated. Especially when the time spent in the kitchen decreases more and more. A 2016 OpinionWay study revealed that the French spend more time shopping online than cooking. Or when the smartphone overrides the appeal of good food. Making a quality dish requires time, knowledge and above all important attention.

This is where the smart frying pan comes in. It can help to monitor the temperature, manage the progress of cooking, track the calories in your dishes or even offer you recipes. The three models we have chosen share common points but also specific assets that may be of interest to you. Discover them to find out which smart stove you need!

Assisteo Connect from Tefal, to achieve perfect cooking

Tefal, the SEB Group brand is undoubtedly the leading brand in the frying pan. Since the creation of the first model combining Teflon and aluminium in 1954, it has regularly offered innovations to make life in the kitchen easier. First of all, there was Thermopost, the red circle that indicates the heat level of your stove. Then, Ingenio, which allows you to unhook the stick. At the beginning of the year, Tefal took the next step with Assisteo. Equipped with a probe and a dial, it indicates from a color system, if your smart stove is at the right temperature. You can adjust it in three different modes: simmer, core and stir-fry. An alarm warns you if there is a problem.

“This innovation is aimed at dutyfull, the people who have to manage the 7pm shooting,” explains Christophe Leblan, the brand’s marketing director. With this frying pan, you no longer have to be constantly in front of it. We offer the possibility of managing something else at the same time: children, homework… A beep brings you back in front of the utensil when you need it.”

The Assisteo smart stove will be launched on the market in the second half of the year. Its selling price, in its size of 24 centimeters will be sold at 39 €. Starting next year, the company will launch Assisteo Connect. A function that will allow the stove to be connected to a tablet. This will give you access to more than 200 recipes but will also tell you when to indicate the different ingredients. It should be noted that the SEB group strongly believes in connected objects. The company has already launched its Cookeo Connect cooker in 2016. The Moulinex brand, which belonged to it, was very successful with the I-Companion.

Smart pante, so you never miss a dish again

Pantelligent is one of the first smart smart stoves to have come on the market. Launched in 2015 on the Kickstarter participatory financing platform, it has a diameter of 30 centimetres. To use your options, it’s simple. Connect your phone to the pan using Bluetooth and then select the recipe you are going to make, and the level of cooking you want: rare, medium… The application will then guide you step by step, taking into account the temperature of the plate and your habits.

To purchase the Pantelligent smart stove, you still need $129. It should also be noted that it is not compatible with induction hobs. It requires two AAA batteries to operate and its internal battery is for one year. You will then have to change it.

SmartyPans to keep an eye on calories

Help you eat healthier. This is the purpose of the SmartyPans smart stove. Designed by a Californian engineering student, it is capable of weighing ingredients, controlling temperature and humidity. Thanks to its three sensors, it accumulates this information but also the amount of calories present in your dish. The application gives you access to recipes and allows you to exchange with other users.

It should be noted that the SmartyPans was initially to be delivered to those who had financed it on Indiegogo in April 2016. For the time being, this is still not the case, as the company continues to have some difficulties in terms of certifications. However, she ensures that everything will be ready very quickly. If you wish to pre-order it, you will have to pay $229 on the company’s website.

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